These warnings list various pieces of information found on Internet. These are not medical recommendations. Your doctor is there for medical recommandations.

Bacteriophagics can be stored at room temperature a few weeks to several months, in the fridge for several months to several years. The longer the holding period , the more bacteriophages count decreases.

The product must remain sterile. The liquid must remain transparent. A turbid aspect in the bottle is probably due to the development of bacteria. Any turbid bottle must be discarded.

Several sources indicate that bacteriophages dislike acidity: according to pcfarm.ro for the successful treatment of urinary tract, it is necessary that the urine be not too acidic. Therefore, two days before treatment, four times a day, the site recommends taking a pinch of baking soda diluted in water. Then, daily during the treatment period, it recommends a pinch of sodium bicarbonate in the morning with empty stomach, and after about 20 minutes, to take the bacteriophage. Then remain still fasting for 1/2 hour. The site no longer sells bacteriophage.

Last, bacteriophagics are no miracle products. Bacteriophages can be effective but won't necessarily be on the germ about which you may be concerned.

Obviously, start by asking your doctor. An elderly doctor may have already practiced phage therapy when drugs were available in pharmacies.

Be prudent before spending money. There are some online testimonials from people who were not cured.

On the internet Roger Mintey explains that after several thousand dollars disbursed and a trip to Tbilisi, Georgia, he has not been cured by phage therapy.

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